Below we present a list of Companies that trusted Profis@Work and had their needs fully met. Contact us for more information!
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1 Elzab S.A. references
...Profis@Work designed in UML and implemented an advanced real-time embedded system, based on multi-threaded OpenRTOS system and IAR Embedded C++ language.
The project passed rigorous internal tests, won appropriate certificates and was deployed to production.
Cooperation with Profis@Work was altogether correct, contract was done with appropriate carefulness, that's why we give Profis@Work positive references with pleasure.
2 St. Brother Albert's Aid Society References
... St. Albert's Aid Society has 2900 members in 61 divisions, runs 77 shelters, 8 homes for the old and the sick and 42 places of other use. ... Integrated Information System was founded on latest cloud-computing technologies from Google: Google docs, GMail and Google Apps. ... Profis@Work has proven to be creative, always on time and flexible - that's why we give Profis@Work very positive references with pleasure.
3 WINUEL SA (Sygnity Group) References
... Profis@Work took part in building: Distribution Forecasting System (DFS) and Distribution Portfolio Management (DPM) System. Profis@Work took advantage of it's competences mainly in C# and Oracle 10g (SQL and PL/SQL). Profis@Work proved to be a professional, reliable and creative Contractor ...
4 References: C#, SQL Server 2005
We received another positive references for system built in C# and SQL Server 2005. On our Client's request, it will be presented only to individual Contractors.
5 Becker Elektrotechnika References
... Profis@Work company produced a professional, flexible and fit for our needs software (database system for gathering and reporting data from all coal mine technological processes), that's why we give them positive references with pleasure ...
6 EasyCODE References
...the outcome of our cooperation is an advanced system managing very complex Client's logistic infrastructure... Profis@Work also proved to be able to harness very complex development problems under very strict deadlines...
7 Setivo References
... Profis@Work has made itself known as creative, reliable and professional business partner. And what is the most important, the terms were kept and our business goals were achieved...