Communication and team-work system

Communication and team-work system is built on latest cloud-computing technologies from Google: Google docs, GMail and Google Apps.

Our team-work system boosts the performance of all organization because:

- provides free email accounts to all members of the organization
- enables definition of document templates that govern document flows in organization
- enables modelling of hierarchical structure of organization
- enables team-work over documents, that are automatically made available to people from certain places in hierarchy
- enables registering of incoming and outgoing correspondence, together with storage of scans
- enables storage of documents and data from whole organization
- ensures safe data storage (especially personal data) thanks to Google infrastructure

Team-work system

Exemplary web page: adding new document from template and assigning it to hierarchical organization structure.


System is deployed in St. Brother Albert's Aid Society (2900 members in 61 divisions).

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