Visualization and control system

Profis@Work created hi-tech visualization and control system for automated machines.
Currently our system controls automated bakery machines, but nothing hinders us from
customizing it to control other types of machines.

Main features of the system:

- control of any number of machines over TCP/IP or RS 485 protocols
- installation of operator's panels on multiple computers
- periodic data acquisition and storage
- on-line monitoring of statuses and alarms
- bi-directional technical and weight recipes synchronization: importing recipes from machines to the system and backwards

Control panel
Control and management panel


Our system is equipped with advanced reporting mechanism that enables:
- creation and storage of many sets of report templates
- choice of content presented on reports: analog and binary sensors, statistics (e.g. number of switch-ons)
- generation of reports from report templates with time, appliance and recipe filters
- zooming, scaling and printing of reports
- periodic report generation and sending in PDF format via e-mail

Report template
Report template

Generated report
Generated report

Authorized access and data safety

Our system prevents from unauthorized access and anonymous data manipulation through:
- logging-in to system and machines
- granting access to its functionality on three levels
- tracing all changes to system and machines with regard to logged users

System was deployed in MASZ Gliwice.

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